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“I recommend Brett Linder’s intuitive bodywork to my patients because I know they will see results.”

– Dr. Gary Ferguson, BS, ND

“It is with pleasure to recommend Structural Integration (Rolfing) with Brett Thomson Linder. I have been in clinical practice of Chiropractic and Wellness Education for twenty eight years, and was thoroughly impressed with the structural knowledge and body work technique, that Brett employs. In fact, being treated by Brett for my health, has made me a better chiropractor by expanding my understanding of the human body. Our in-depth discussions on how structure and function are connected, has led me to a deeper appreciation of Rolfing and Brett’s passion for his craft. If you desire to live long and well, make Brett a part of your Wellness Team.”

– John J Collins, D.C., CCWP

“Brett develops patient awareness through education to increase the effectiveness of his work. His approach to patient care produces a healing partnership with his clients resulting in both healing immediate areas of concern and building improved sustainable function.”

– Til Luchau
Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Director of Advanced-Trainings, Instructor, and Author

“I am a Rolfer™ and Brett Linder is one of my practitoners of choice; I take every opportunity to work with him as both a colleague and a client.”

– Brian Joly
Certified Advanced Rolfer™

“In my professional opinion, Brett continues to have an incredibly bright and successful carer ahead of him, as he has already proven in his private practice in Alaska and will now pursue in Colorado.”

– Jim Jones
Director of Education, RISI

“Last year I was confronted with a difficult decision on choosing treatment for an injury I sustained to discs in my lower back. Both the prospect of surgery and or a shot of steroids to my spine left me mortified. After much consideration and research I connected with Brett and we began a ten session series of Rolfing. I wasn’t sure of what to expect exactly, but the idea of starting from the ground up and realigning the building blocks of my body seemed like a good way to begin. Brett’s communication with me throughout my series was impressive. I was always aware of what we were working on and what what we were trying to achieve. Not only was I aware, but was able to see for myself the progress achieved due to the photo journal we kept, as well as Brett’s inquiries on how I felt in between sessions. Armed with an abundance of information and a little “home work,” I was feeling better every time I left. I began to move with more confidence and was conscience of little changes that had, by the end of the series, literally changed my stride and posture. I am sincerely grateful to Brett for the time, energy and knowledge he instilled in me, enabling me to forgo the small yet terrifying risks associated with other, more invasive procedures that I am sure would have left me on a much more different road down life. Thank you and keep on Rolfing!”

– Douglas Byers

“Rolfing, for me, is a way to bring mental awareness to my physical state. The best way to describe the feeling that I had after my sessions was that I felt juicy, tuned in, elongated, stacked, and confident. I felt that Brett was instrumental in helping me understand the purpose of Rolfing and what I could expect from each session. I completed my 10 series, with movement sessions in between, in only a couple months. Since that time I have maintained a heightened sense of awareness of where I am in relation to the world around me. I have continued to notice improvements in my balance, confidence, and posture. I also noticed that my perspective has improved because now instead of having to look at the ground when I walk I can focus on looking at the horizon along with the periphery. The bodywork that was done to help me open my chest and shoulders have helped me become more open with others (openness with self improves ability to be open with others). In addition to improving my overall perspective (literally) and how I carry myself Rolfing has provided me with opportunities to explore the world with new awareness.”

– Cullen Harper

“In 2006, I got into a motorcycle crash. I didn’t seek any medical attention for 3 years. My condition deteriorated, until I couldn’t walk, stand or put any kind of pressure on my back. In 2008, I had X-rays done, and they showed that I had broken vertebra and my only prospects for treatment was to go through the V.A. As an alternative to surgery, I decided to see Brett for a 10 series. In the last year I have been able to change my quality of life. I think the most important thing I gained from this experience is a new awareness of my body and it’s natural symmetry. The constant pain that accompanied my life is gone. I had worried about the amount of medications I would be forced to take, and now I don’t take anything. The actual sessions were relaxing and informative and the before and after pictures blew my mind. It was a bit strange to see the amount of change in my posture that I experienced from each session.”

– Ian Dodds

“Rolfing and the 10 Series’ gave me my life back. With a background in high-level athletics, in conjunction with a lifetime of heavy and intensive labor and construction jobs, my body had broken down and deteriorated to what I can only describe as an ‘out of shape senior citizen.’ Brett relieved my apprehension to what I understood Rolfing to be…rough and extremely uncomfortable. By enlightening me to the step by step process of what would happen as my body transformed, all performed by very soft and gentle ‘hands on manipulation,’ naturally I was skeptical. Brett hit every session’s goals perfectly, and in chronological order. He communicated during and between each session in an extremely professional and comforting manner, leaving me with knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I give thanks to Brett for ‘re-instilling’ the confidence I had lost in my body. THANK YOU!!!”

– Jason Cummings

“I have much greater body awareness after going through the Rolfing 10 series with Brett. He was able to correct some painful patterns that I’d had for years, and I can feel the positive difference from that still—even though it’s been a year since my treatment; I walk smoother, stronger and more confidently. I’ve worked several years as a massage therapist and found Brett to be off the charts in his kindness, sincerity and professionalism. When he’s working with you, he’s there 100 percent with his heart and mind. It’s what we would expect from any bodyworker, but it just doesn’t always happen, yet can make all the difference in the world in the treatment received. His positive, healing presence combined with his immaculate knowledge of anatomy and movement made each session feel like a fun, mini health conference. I left his office feeling like a million bucks and with a wealth of information to help me continue to heal on my own. Quite simply, getting Rolfed was life changing in the best sort of way. Thank you, Brett!”

– Ann Marie Wawersik

“I have known Brett for over a year now and just recently completed the introductory 10 series under Brett’s guidance.

When I started the series, I knew nothing about Rolfing. Knowing that, Brett structured each session to include an introduction to the current session and a heads-up for the upcoming one. That allowed me to enter each experience with more awareness and better prepare myself for the future work. Moreover, Brett created a safe, non-judgmental environment, which made it easy for me to share my sensations and thoughts. I remember Brett saying: “It’s ok to cry, just like it’s ok to laugh. We need all those experiences to be complete”. That was during one particular session when I had an immense emotional release and lay crying on the table for some time.

The overall experience was holistic and adjusted to my individual needs. During our sessions we talked about diet, physical exercises, emotional health, spirituality and finding balance. I looked forward to each visit with Brett, and the opportunity to learn something new about myself.

Besides, Brett is a well of knowledge when it comes to finding other resources. He knows a lot of people and is happy to recommend other professionals from different areas. I am happy to know Brett and would recommend him to all my friends.”

– Yuliya Redelina

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Brett Linder, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. I was in a bad way when I turned to Brett for relief for what began as pain in the top of one foot that felt like a bone was out of place. Pain was spreading to my other foot, probably because I was favoring my injured foot and overusing the other, by the time I saw Brett for the first time. I was also beginning to have back pain because when ones feet are out of kilter, it can throw the back out of whack, too. I had seen my family doctor and a podiatrist for the problem but had gotten no relief. They were suggesting PT, which, from my own past experience, I knew could be a long process.

Having such a depth of understanding of anatomy and physiology, Brett knew at what point I was paining and where to focus his work physically on my feet as a Rolf Movement Practitioner, but he did so much more than that–something I had never before understood. Brett helped me to create an image of what relaxation meant to me. As a healer, he instinctively knew that just exhorting me to “relax” would never do it for me! Learning that I was from Florida, Brett, asked if that meant I enjoyed the water. When I told him that I had spent every summer of my youth floating on the waves, he asked me to recall the feelings of those pleasant times and to remember how my feet felt as I bobbed ever so lightly up and down in the surf. It was when I was able to recreate that feeling of relaxation that Brett was able to really work with my feet. It was when I had a concept of what it meant to relax and I was able to recreate it for myself in practice at home as I had in only one session with Brett that any pain I had began to abate. Brett motivated me to work on stretching exercises every morning and, after only a few days, maybe even a week, I had no pain at all. I shall never be able to thank him enough. Having a therapist partner with me and gently talk me through the process restored my sense of well-being as well as the use of my feet. I don’t know if all Rolfers do this, but Brett does and it is very therapeutic!

Frankly, I was wondering if the pain would return. I’m still doing the exercises Brett suggested I do because they feel good and help me to have confidence in the process and am happy to report that I have had absolutely no sign of the pain returning.

I would highly recommend Brett Linder. I plan on going for the “Ten Series” now. I don’t believe I need to be “suffering” for a Rolf Movement Practioner (Brett Linder) to be of assistance. I want to be in better touch with my body and the relationship between my body and mind and believe that Brett can help me with this.”

– Barbara Brock

“Like many Alaskans, my appreciation of Alaska and my general happiness depend on the time I spend in our amazing wilderness. At the ripe old age of 30, my accumulation of sports injuries (five broken bones, four concussions, surgery on both feet, tendinitis in both knees, and a torn meniscus) overcame my body’s ability to self-heal. Confronted with the possibility of giving up many of the activities that are so important to me, I explored Rolfing. I worked with Brett through the 10-session series and 5 or 6 last-minute ‘Brett! Can you help!’ sessions before and after races or big trips. Most recently, I got a next-day appointment for work on whip-lash just days before heading out for a bike/ski/raft 200-mile traverse over Denali. The body work was absolutely critical to the success of that trip. I’ve logged over 1000 miles of wilderness adventuring since working with Brett.”

I am particularly impressed with Brett’s genuine interest in understanding my body, my injuries, and discovering a path to recovery. I also appreciate Brett’s capacity to both focus on a specific injury and provide more general body awareness.”

– Luc Mehl

Three time winner of the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic

“I just wanted to tell you that I started to follow my passion and path, and started Massage School here in Arizona at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. It has been amazing! I was inspired by how you are, professional yet still caring for that personal spiritually and helping their bodies be well–and I hope someday to add onto my Massage Therapy License with Rolfing®!”

– Natasha S.

“As someone who makes a living working with bodies and movement, I truly appreciate Brett’s knowledge, skill, and eye for what’s “going on” in a person’s structure. He has a wonderful sensitivity and intelligence with the work that enable him to effectively address both the obvious, and the subtle, structural difficulties that play havoc with physical well-being. In ten sessions with him, with no specific goal other than a “tune-up”, I was able to resolve long-standing tendonitis in my hip, to begin to feel my legs and feet coming into more consistent alignment, and to finally(!) release chronic tension and discomfort in my shoulders and upper body. Perhaps more valuable though, was a better and persistent sense of integration and energy flow that has informed my own personal and professional work, and allowed me to feel easy in my own body. And, Brett’s a great guy–easy to work with, receptive, nonjudmental, with academic and life experience that make for a comfortable and productive synergy between practicioner and client. Thanks, Brett!”

– Joyce Mayer

“Brett Linder worked my shoulder recently and in just a few short minutes he had a years-old injury working like new again. He has an extensive working knowledge of the human body and an uncanny ability to diagnose sources of pain and relieve them. Much to my surprise, the source of my shoulder pain was nowhere near my shoulder, and Brett needed all of 3 seconds to determine that. Beyond his natural ability and immense skill, he has a very professional and calming demeanor, and his practice studio his clean and welcoming. For those of you that are new to the Rolfing modality, I would highly recommend it. And I would highly recommend Brett Linder be the one to show you. I was not quite sure what to expect going into it, but I will definitely be back for more.”

– Kris B.

“Let me begin by saying that after I experienced rolfing, I will never go back to a typical massage. Rolfing is not just massage, it is structural integration, so it works on a much deeper level than any massage I’ve had in the past. People say that it hurts, I even heard one person say that it was like ripping the muscle from the bone. This isn’t true!! Instead, you feel sensations that you have never felt before. Say that Brett is working on your arm–you may feel a tingle in your arm that goes all the way up through your shoulder and into your back. It is the coolest thing ever. There are a couple of places that will be more sensitive for you. For me, this place was the transverse arch of my foot (the middle of my arch). So be it. Brett helps you work through the discomfort and then voila! You’re free of whatever had made it so tight in the first place. Rolfing is amazing.

Here’s me: Initially, I went in because of terrible knee pain. I’ve been an athlete for all of my life, had a broken back, had knee surgery, and, for years, have worked either as a waitress or with children (think sitting in tiny chairs and lifting 40+ lbs. kiddos all day). I hurt daily. Usually, I would start my day with an anti-inflammatory. Then I would come home from work, take an Epsom salt bath, and massage my feet with arnica gel (a natural pain reliever).

Here’s my experience: I went in for knee pain. Brett worked on my knee and then rolfed my legs. He rolfs one leg at a time, so in the middle of it, you get up and walk around to compare the before and after. The outcome was amazing!! One leg felt super tight and balled-up, while the other leg moved with such ease. I went back for a 10-series. A 10-series goes through different sections of your body, in 90 minute increments. So, one session is all legs; another is ribs, shoulders, arms and hips; another is the sides of your body; another is chest, arms and head; and another is the back of the body-from the calves up to the back. Think of the amount that can be accomplished in 90 minutes for each section of your body!

The result: At the end of each session, I would stand up, walk around, and be completely astonished at how much lighter my body felt, and at the ease with which it moved. The best part is that I am still feeling the benefits. I no longer take an anti-inflammatory for breakfast and I haven’t taken an Epsom salt bath in a month. My posture is much more upright and each movement is very fluid. It is difficult to describe, but it seems as if my body has settled into itself.

About the Rolfer: Brett Linder has passion for what he does. He chose this vocation because he too had had multiple injuries and was in chronic pain. He had tried a number of different avenues and had basically been told that he would be in pain for the rest of his life. Then he went through the 10-series. It changed his life. He can tell you the rest of the story: He’s a good story teller. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and has multiple certifications. He’s also laid back, but his love for what he does, and his belief that it will make a difference, shines through.”

– Bethany Loy

“I’d been working as chef 10 years at Japanese restaurant which my sister had been running in Mississippi. I think repetitive work made me
unbalanced posture. Additionally , in 2010 I played golf too much.
I think that was the trigger to pull my trouble.
One ordinary morning on October 2010, I was working as usual. Suddenly I felt as if I was shot by lightning on my
right hip. After that I corrupted on the floor and since I hadn’t been
able to stand or walk.
After that big spasm assaulted me, I had really severe pain on my right
hip and I always had to bend forward. If I tried to stand upright,
really severe pain occurred on my lower back and right hip.
Several days I have been with terrible pain on my bed. And then I went
biggest state hospital and got physical therapy five weeks. That
physical therapists, they were all nice people and nice brand new
facility but they didn’t help my symptom. After that I searched and
found Egoscue method looked pretty good for me on that time. So I drove
five hours and went to Egoscue therapist in Tennessee. That worked to me
that time, but it was also not perfect. My posture was still lean to
left and forward and I just could stand 10 minutes or something. And
kept doing Egoscue method every day, my strength and posture was just
little by little getting better.
Anyway I could back to work in limited scale on that time.
And I moved to Alaska in summer in 2011. After 3 months I worked at
restaurant, the biggest spasm attacked me on same right hip. After that
big spasm, I barely moved any one inch on my bed. It was really Pain in
After the horrible week, eventually I could move just little but my
body condition was totally changed to worse. My posture was always lean
left and forward. I always had to bend to avoid severe hip pain. My
entire body started twitching 24 hours and my legs was cold like
corpus’s one.
Because of I moved remote island in Alaska, I didn’t have much option
of treatments but I tried anything I found. I was treated by physical
therapists again, but it didn’t help me.
After struggling and searching such a long time, somehow I assumed my
muscles would need to be loosen. So I searched internet again, I found
“Rolfing” is good to loose muscles.
Of course my island had no rolfers, then I search in Anchorage and I
eventually found Brett .
My guess was right like the arrow hit the center of target.
I visited Anchorage and received three times session from Brett.
He was very friendly and has lots of knowledge about human structure.
He evaluated me really accurate and answered to my questions by
fountain of his knowledge.
After I’d got three sessions from him, the miracle was happened on me.
I had never been walked over 5 minutes over 2 years, but he encouraged
me to try to walk so I tried to walk that night in Anchorage.
Finally I found I was able to stand pretty much straight and walk !
I walked nearly 1 hour !!!!!
It was one of the happiest moment in my life !!
I was very surprised and felt sad when I heard he would close Anchorage
office and move to some other state. But he introduced me MELT method
which I can do myself at home, it is very helpful and fantastic method
If someone who is suffering chronic pain, the guy you should ask is
right over here, Brett Linder himself.
He is absolutely the best practitioner I’ve ever met in my entire over
half century life.”

– Takashi Kimura

“Before I started working with Brett, my muscular system felt like a guitar that was tuned so painfully tight that when one string was moved another would twinge in pain. My ribs felt like they were twisted around each other, pulling my shoulder and hip towards each other and slowly wrecking my natural balance and alignment. I went to a plethora of different musculoskeletal and physical specialists who each used an array of usually painful or uncomfortable techniques to yield mainly temporary results. I refused to believe that this was something I was “going to have to live with.” The first thing that overjoyed me about Anchorage Rolfing is that Brett, instead of trying to pinpoint the problem part and diagnose it, seemed to approach and tackle my condition as one of the factors that was prohibiting the whole balance and big picture of whole body health. It was amazing to me the drastic difference in stature I would feel after each comfortable (and even relaxing!) rolfing session. I have always been one that is in-tune with what is going on in my body, and the subtleness of the actual rolfing table work/adjustments verses the immediate differences or new ease in certain muscles when walking afterwards always took me aback and had me smiling. For example, I cannot describe how sublime it felt noticing the difference in perspective I had standing up and walking after my shoulders and neck had been set free. I recommending rolfing to everyone. Literally. We all have facial tissue and stress. But I would advise anyone who is struggling to feel healthy and whole again against their bodies’ current oppressions to go see Brett if they are looking for noticeable and lasting results.”

– Jessica Meybin

“Brett helped me. My feet had been crushed in an accident and after years of failed physical therapy and being written off by doctors, my nurse referred me to Brett. Within 3 sessions I saw 80% improvement and I was walking almost entirely pain free; something I never expected without the use of heavy drugs. With continued sessions I was able to see 90% improvement post accident and I was once again able to participate in the activities I love.”

– Erin Pikey

“I got a Groupon for a 90 minute Rolfing® treatment and it was the best decision I ever made! Brett was very personable yet professional and very knowledgeable about his profession. I’d broken both elbows last year and was still having a lot of tightness and discomfort in my arms & especially in the neck & shoulders due to whiplash. He was able to release a great deal of that tension so that I slept well last night and woke up feeling great this morning. I will definitely be going back!!! I am also recommending him to any friends or acquaintances who have any aches & pains!”

– Annie J.

“I am an active 43 year old guy and have always been able to physically do whatever I wanted to. Six months ago that changed when I had unending pain and was subsequently diagnosed with Severe Degenerative Disc disorder, Severe Arthritis and Severe Stenosis in my lower spine. Every Doctor wanted to fuse my spine. I was referred to Brett and he was the LEADER of my potential recovery. He strongly suggested Pilates at Studio One, suggested home exercises and unlocked my frozen body. I have nowhere near the extreme problems some people do but am thankful that, with Brett’s guidance, I am doing much better! All my symptoms are manageable as long as I follow Brett’s advice. I’ve lost 20 pounds, see Brett much less as my body is much more stable, go to Pilates 5 times a week and know my body better than I ever have. He is a great Rolfer (I’ve been Rolfed for Misc issues by several Rolfers over 20 years), knows the body very well and is there when you need him for acute flare ups. I may need more intensive intervention someday but if I have a chance of getting through this life with no knife in my spine, it is because of him. Thanks Brett.”

– Barry Anders

“Brett, just a quick note regarding the results of my first Rolfing appointment…

As I detailed upon my arrival, the self-induced pain I was experiencing more than eclipsed my skepticism an low expectations of a solution. Any relief would be welcome!

Based on [a friend’s] experience, and highly respected recommendation, as well as, your openness to allowing us access to witness the process overwhelmingly swayed my criticality.

I can state emphatically that after just our one session I experienced a fluidity and range of motion I have not enjoyed in many many years! Yes, there was still associated pain (to be expected).
What was totally Unexpected, and cause for this response…I am currently, pain free throughout the area in question! Thank-you!

I anticipated some soreness or increase in pain as the meds wore off, and am floored that quite the opposite occurred.

For someone who endures pain as a daily expectation, I am incredulous at it\’s absence!

I look forward to working through the other areas we have discussed.

A very satisfied client,”

– Mark Brauneis

“Rolfing in itself is amazing. It has significantly reduced my pain and has allowed me to regain mobility in my body that I thought was lost.

I turned to Rolfing 3 years ago with a painful hip, and then used it as my primary modality with all of my new injuries that comes along with being an active Alaskan. Injuries to my hip, back, and shoulder resolved, but when I had a devastating life altering accident, not just any Rolfer would do.

I sustained a head and neck injury in which I suffered from a poor active memory, visual problems, high fatigue, and dizziness. All of those symptoms ultimately led me to quit my job as a physical therapist assistant. After going to my doctor, physical therapy, vision therapy, and a Rolfer, I felt like I could get better, but no one was touching the source of my problem and I didn’t know how to explain it to them. I searched online for Rolfers in the Anchorage area with good credentials and success stories. That led me to Brett, and I am so thankful. After working with him, believe it or not, most days I feel “NORMAL”! I can hold down a part-time physical therapy assistant job without issues, I can see without special glasses, no difficulty with memory, and I don’t need to take daily naps. He was able to touch the source of my problem that no one else could.

Honestly, I am so thankful for finding Brett. He is the best Rolfer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he gifted and knowledgeable, he makes you feel comfortable and truly listens to your concerns.”

– Tessa Erickson

“Rolfing with Brett is one of the most valuable things my body has ever experienced. Through years and years of intense sports and work in the construction industry my body was a wreck. Recently age has become a more prominent problem to maintaining physical health and my body has broken down more easily and extremely. This culminated last summer when I almost destroyed my left knee while playing ultimate frisbee (with Brett present, nonetheless). I’ve played Ultimate for 14 years, many of those at a high level, and had never injured myself like this before. I was devastated. Brett had told me about rolfing before in limited detail but I was unsure if a major knee injury was something rolfing was well-suited for. But with few options on the table, and with how welcoming Brett was being, I took him up on it. Throughout the course of my injury I was truly worried it was the end of my career, the end of competitive play for a sport I love and have given endless amounts of energy to over the years. Brett cared about that just as much as my knee. He truly cares about the physical health and the mental well-being of his patients. It’s obvious that he has found a calling, that his work is not work, but what he really cares about. What’s better is that rolfing improved the condition of my knee tenfold. Since my first appointment, I’ve been sure to refer people to Brett if the opportunity arises because of how beneficial he’s been for me. Rolfing is definitely worth a trial visit if you have nagging or acute pain, or if your body just seems out of whack. Try it out!”

– Tim Sharp